Admissions open against the vacant seats for Minority CAP against vacant, CAP against vacant and institute level for MBA and MCA for the academic year 2018-19

Classes of MBA & MCA Semester I scheduled to commence from 6th Aug 2018.

Classes of MBA Semester III scheduled to commence from 1st Aug 2018.

Classes of MCA Semester III, V scheduled to commence from 2nd July 2018.

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36 months Master in Computer Application (MCA) from Savitribai Phule Pune University

    Introduction :
  1. The knowledge and skills required planning, designing and build Complex Application Software Systems are highly valued in all industry sectors including business, health, education and the arts. The basic objective of the education of the Masters programme in Computer Application (M.C.A) is to provide to the country a steady stream of professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills and foundation for acquiring a wide range of rewarding careers into the rapidly expanding world of Information Technology.

  2. The Job Opportunities are:
      1. Many graduates begin their career as a junior programmers and, after some experience, promoted to programmers, system analysts, and programmer/analysts. Other seek entrepreneurial roles in the computer world as independent business owners, software authors, consultants, or suppliers of systems and equipments. Career opportunities exist in such areas as management software and hardware sales, technical writing, training others on computer, consulting, software development and technical support.
      2. Application areas include transaction processing (such as order processing, airline reservations, banking systems), accounting functions, sales analysis, games, forecasting and simulation, database management, decision support and data communications.

  3. Specific elective courses to be offered in functional areas are dependent on student preferences, faculty availability and needs of the user systems in the region in which the educational institution is located

  4. The M.C.A program is a mix of computer-related and general business courses. The computer related courses use microcomputers to introduce standard techniques of programming; the use of programming languages and software packages including C/C++/JAVA, IDEs, databases; system analysis and design tools. The general business courses include the functional areas of management like accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, and production. The course would emphasize the study and creation of business applications, rather than mere programming. This would emphasize on domain knowledge of various areas, which would help the students to build software applications on it. The students are exposed to system development in the information processing environment, with special emphasis on Management Information Systems and Software Engineering for small and medium computer systems. Also, exposure to microcomputer technology, micro-based systems design and micro applications software, including network and graphical wear interface systems is provided.

  5. The M.C.A. Integrated programme will be a full-time three years Master's Degree Course of Computer Applications.

  6. The new Curricula would focus on learning aspect from three dimensions viz. Conceptual Learning, Skills Learning and Practical / Hands on.

  7. The inclusion of projects at three levels ensures the focus on applying the skill learnt at respective levels.

  8. The Institutes organize placement programmes for the M.C.A students, by interacting with the industries and software consultancy houses in and around the region in which the educational Institution is located.

  9. Ordinarily, in each class, not more than 60 students are admitted.