In the 21st century, corporate progress is not about leveraging material and human resources alone. The true challenge is to utilize and consolidate the best of indirect resources, i.e. domestic / international market potential, cutting edge technological advancements and business policies. The key is to accelerate ideation and implementation of strategic corporate policies. Undoubtedly, a specialized approach towards the same is imperative and indispensable, not optional.

AIMS integrates syllabi, pedagogy and fine tuned technology with the latest developments on international business horizon, to provide modern enterprises thoroughly trained, self learning, highly motivated and consistently efficient leaders in the exacting domains of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Information Technology and International Business.

To achieve this objective, our faculty adopts a hands-on approach to academics with mandatory industry exposure so that these future managers are aware of the latest thoughtschools in their respective specializations. Coupled with this, the regular spate of extra curricular events fosters not just creative expression, but also kindles the initiative and drive to channel their energies and leverage their aptitude for ideation, organization and execution.

At AIMS, we combine faculty expertise with 21st century infrastructure and provide students with infrastructure that creates a versatile learning environment. We believe that only a techsavvy and well-informed leader can render the highest standard of performance of key responsibilities in reputed multinationals in many countries, a fact we are proud of, a legacy we aim to perpetuate.

So here we are back with a batch of professional managers who will immerse themselves seamlessly in your work culture with incomparable commitment to perform. Bright, young men and women poised to drive the growth engine of your corporation. Self activated leaders who will deliver maximum impact to your corporation. Self activated leaders who will deliver maximum impact to your strategies for penetration and expansion.


Allana Institute of Management Sciences has been in existence since 1998. The institute offers 2-years full-time MBA and 3-years full-time MCA courses, affiliated to the University of Pune and recognized by A.I.C.T.E., New Delhi and Government of Maharashtra. The MBA course of the institute has been accredited by the National Board of Accreditation, New Delhi, Government of India w.e.f. 6th August, 2013 for a period of 3 years. The institute is located in an ultra modern complex and has an excellent infrastructure, fully equipped library, modern computer laboratories, air conditioned conference rooms, class rooms with latest audio visual aids, cafeteria, Wi-Fi campus and other amenities.

The institute is headed by Dr. (Prof.) R. Ganesan, Ph.D., FCA, MBA, B.Com., who is a renowned Management Guru. The institute also has senior and experienced faculty members and innovative teaching methodologies, guaranteed to unleash the potential of the student and to produce efficient and effective managers and professionals.


To become a world class management institute by providing exceptional management education thereby creating new frontiers of knowledge which will help to develop dependable and innovative managers committed to the society.
Our mission is to provide practical and comprehensive business and management education to eligible persons of high academic potential with particular emphasis on the provision of educational opportunities for promising minority students all over the country. Further, we are dedicated to provide quality education thus creating human assets and intellectual capital.
We continuously seek opportunities for improvement, to meet and exceed the need of our students through a process of self evaluation and continuous improvement. At AIMS, we are committed to qualitative education to eligible persons, thus creating human assets and enhancing intellectual capital. Our management training provides self-dependability, innovativeness, sociability, sensitivity and adherence to excellence.
Integrity, Passion for Truth and Innovation, Humanity, Social Equality and Respect.

Our Patrons

PRESIDENT - Hon. P. A. Inamdar

Our 16th batch of M.B.A. Student Managers, M.C.A., IT Technocrats, assiduously nurtured and mentored by our well qualified and highly competent faculty, are ready to join you in various functional areas and contribute to spur further growth of your industry and business.

Our Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, Pune is dedicated since 1948 towards the promotion of quality education at all levels. Beyond just complying with already rigorous requisites of University of Pune and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), we relentlessly strive to build and sustain an environment for professional enablement through inclusive learning, duly factoring in demands of a very dynamic present business environment.

I am sure our students would have made best of the facilities on the campus, and also imbibed the values we stand for, and would prove themselves an asset for your esteemed organization.

P. A. Inamdar, President, M. C. E. Society, Pune

VICE PRESIDENT - Hon. A. P. Inamdar

What began as a foundation for professionalization of management, last century has assumed robust proportions, and today, management education - of respectable standards - has become a strategic categorical imperative for efficacy of business and industry.

We spare no efforts to relate our post graduate management programmes to today’s dynamic global business environment so that our students ingrain not only subject knowledge but still beyond - inclusive competencies. Mentoring of students by experienced and proven senior management professionals, working in eminent business and industrial houses, gives impetus to our efforts.

In a nutshell, we endeavor to educate the students to become competent professionals - sensitive to the needs of others and prepared to assume leadership in their chosen arena. Our deployment of latest computer technology, including the internet, as an integral tool for learning, further enhances their empowerment.

When you visit our campus, we fondly hope, you will appreciate the working environment that inculcates in our students the competitive qualities required in the job market.

Abeda Inamdar, Vice - President, M. C. E. Society, Pune

Director's Message

Dr. R. Ganesan

It’s my pleasure to present to you, our placements brochure for academic year 2014-2015 for our students pursuing the post graduate MBA and MCA programs. India is on the fast track of exponential growth. Our industry has withstood the recessionary trends and all our vital economic parameters are showing positive trends.

I am sure that the Indian growth will need several young and dynamic managers and leaders who will add to this exponential growth. It is against this background that we have successfully differentiated ourselves with several value additions in our curriculum and course delivery so that our students are fully equipped to meet the demands of the industry and develop skills and attitudes that enhance their employability.

At AIMS, we follow a rigorous 5-D teaching methodology which includes : Discourses by our experienced faculty and invited scholars, academicians and industry experts, Discussions among the students with facilitators for improving thinking abilities, Dialogue on a one to one basis for clarifying personal doubts, Drills through continuous tests and assignments for assessing level of knowledge transfer and Dramatization through real life case studies, practical assignments and industry visits. Our students are also continuously put through attitude and behavioral modification programs to imbibe in them a positive and winning attitude which will help them to blend in the corporate culture seamlessly and prove to be assets to their employers.

We also have several continuous development programs for our students such as communication skills enhancement, accent neutralization workshops, IT skills workshops, personality development programs etc., to give our students the much needed edge to become effective and efficient managers and leaders in the corporate world.Our efforts have paid off handsomely and many corporate mentors who have interacted with our students have given us positive feedback that our students have a refreshing plus factor. With this, I welcome you to visit our campus and recruit our students. I assure you that our students will not only stand up to your expectations but surprise you by surpassing them.

Dr. (Prof.) R. Ganesan, Director AIMS, Pune