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Constituent College of Dr.P.A.Inamdar University.
Formerly Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (1998-2022)
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi

MBA Faculty Research

  • Faculty Awarded Ph.D.
    Sr. No. Name
    1 Dr. Roshan Kazi
    2 Dr. Atik Shaikh
    3 Dr. Manik Kadam
    4 Dr. Dhirendra Kumar
    5 Dr. Nilofer Shaikh
    6 Dr. Shagufta Sayyed
    5 Dr. Lubna Siddiqui
  • Faculty Registered for Ph.D.
    Sr. No. Name
    1 Ms. Sadaf Karim
    2 Mr. Raheel Inamdar
    3 Ms. Swarn Priya
  • Research Publication National / International
    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Name of Author/Co-Authors Title of Paper Name of Journal ISSN No Year of Publication
    1 Mr.Raheel Gani Inamdar Mr.Raheel Gani Inamdar Marketing for Bottom of Pyramid(BOP)-A case study of Tata Swach Annual Management Research Journal SANKALP 2277-1875 Jan-17
    Rural Market of India-A Sustainable and Profitable Indian Journal of Management Science ISSN 2249-0280 Feb-16
    2 Dr. Nilofer B. Shaikh SHAIKH NILOFER A.,DESHMUKH RAVINDRA P. Changing Trends in Indian Consumerism with Reference to Male Skin Care Products MERC Global’s International Journal of Social Science & Management ISSN 2348-5620 (Print) Vol. 1, Issue 2: April-14
    SHAIKH NILOFER BASHIRAHMED LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Market in India- An emerging “pink economy”. Allana Management Journal of Research ISSN 2581-3137 2018
    SHAIKH NILOFER B. Male Skin Care - An Ever Burgeoning Business with Special Reference to Pune City SANKALAN- INTERNATIONAL MULTI DISCIPLINARY PEER REVIEWED RESEARCH JOURNAL SSN- 2454-9266 2017
    SHAIKH NILOFER B. Spotting trends and opportunities in the Generation Y Male cosmetics market with special reference to men Skin Care Products. VIM National Journal ISBN- 978-81-920768-12 2011
    SHAIKH NILOFER B. A study on impact of packaging & colors used in packaging on buying behavior of children Allana Management Journal of Research ISSN 2581-3137 2019
    3 Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Dr. Dhirendra Kumar “Euro Crisis: Failure of Optimum Currency Areas” AIMS journal 2231-0290 2015
    A study on financial crisis leading to financial correctness IES - 2010
    "“Impact of capital inflow post Liberalization”" SIBAR Journal - 2010
    4 Dr. Atik Shaikh Dr. Atik Shaikh Article on Information technology act 2000 in India The Journal of Digital Forensics Security & Law 1558-7215 Nov-2007
    A study of National Cultural Influence at the work place International conference on Management Strategies of Trade Commerce & Industries in India, South Korea, China & USA - Jan-2009
    Impact of IT on banking Industries : Services using Internet, ATM and Mobile Kohinoor Business School, Khandala - 7th March 2009
    An Investigation into awareness and adherence of cyber Laws Amongst Net Banking Customer 10th international conference “Emerging Global Trends & Future Challenges in Economics Development, Accounting & Finance, Information and communication technology, Business Management” - 22 and 23 January, 2011
    Impact of Sales Promotion on consumer Behavior in Marathwada Region Biannual International Conference on “Contemporary Issues in Management and Technology” 978-81-921739-0-0 8th & 9th August 2011
    A critical study of current trends and security risk management in Net Banking in relation with Cyber Law in and around Pune Bhruti 2011 National conference - 23rd & 24th Nov 2011
    A Comparative and critical study of computer network infrastructure and Risks involved in it, by using free-wares, sharewares and pirated software’s DERIVATIVES AN EMERGING MARKET National Conference - 1st & 2nd March 2012
    A Critical study of IT Security, Risk Management and current trends in internet banking in relation with cyber law Allana Management Journal of Research 2231-0290 July-Dec 2011
    FDI in Multibrand Retail with Special Reference to FDI Impact on Indian Economy IIM Bangalore - Dec 16th 2012
    Role of Cyber Cell in the Cyber Crime in and around Pune International Research Conference on Management, Engineering and Technology (IRCMET), Bangkok, Thailand 2249 – 7455 6th & 7th March 2012
    A critical study of Information technology Adoption and Development in and around Pune National Level Conference on Disruptive Marketing — The Way Forward? CMR Institute of Management Studies 27th April 2012
    To gauge public opinion on service provided by various telecom operators and mobile companies in and around pune National Conference with an International edge on Emerging trends & Paradigms of Management Approaches - 6th March 2013
    A Semantic Feature Language for Concurrent Engineering National Seminar ‘Abhyuday’ Alard Institute of Management Sciences, Pune Mar-14
    Required Based Testing of Software National Seminar ‘Abhyuday’ 978-93-5142-459-8 Mar-14
    Adding Software Testing to Programming Assignments National Seminar ‘Abhyuday’ - Mar-14
    Challenges for Security typed Web Scripting Languages Design Chonicle of the Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research, Pune 2230-9667 7-8 March 2014
    The Application and Development of Software Testing in Cloud Computing Environment Chonicle of the Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research, Pune 2230-9667 7-8 March 2014
    Cloud Computing Research and Development Trends International Journal of Research in Information Technology (IJRIT) 2001-5569 Apr-14
    Green Business Practice; The Basic Notion about the Green Bandwagon and the Countering Myths Allana Management Journal of Research 2231-0290 2016
    Financing India's Trade Under WTO Regime and Post RBI Road MAP 2005 with Reference to Business Practices Models of Foreign Banks International Finance e-Journal 1556-5068 6TH October 2016
    Financing India's Trade Under WTO Regime and Post RBI Road MAP 2005 with Reference to Business Practices Models of Foreign Banks National Conference -  7th-8th October 2016
    A Study of study of perception of Human Resource Professional working in manufacturing companies towards Human Resource Development International Conference on Innovative Concepts in Commerce, Management and Computer Science - 13th & 14th January 2017
    Major Challenges of New upcoming smart cities of India 11th National Conference r-ITBM 2017 - 13th & 14th January 2017
    Impact of Cyber Attack (Debit card Data breach) on ATM’s O Indian Financial Institutions International Conference on Emerging Economies Opportunities and Challenges - 17th & 18th January 2017
    Perspectives of Foreign Trade subjected to financing by Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) using business practices models as derived by factor and cluster analysis Post RBI Road Map 2005 Business models and internationalization, 14th Vaasa Conference on International Business, Finland  ·   - August 23rd - 25th, 2017
    A Study of Impact of Performance Counselling on Employees International Multidisciplinary Conference on Commerce, Management, Technology and Environmental Sciences ISSN 2278-8158 29th September 2017
    A Study of Business Practices Models of Foreign Banks Operating in India Post RBI Road Map 2005 with special reference to India’s Foreign Trade Check Mate 2018 Changing Competitive Landscape and Emerging Business Strategies - 23rd February 2018
    Application of Morlet Wavelet Transform for analysis of Business Practices of Foreign Banks in India International Journal of Money, Banking and Finance ISSN-2277-9388 17-Jun-18
    Analysis of Financial Performance of Foreign Banks in India bare on application of Morlet Wavelet Transform for the period 2006-2007 to 2015-16 Vision India 2030; Strategizing Through Alignment Of Corporate Value Towards Sustainable Development ISSN- 249-6408 21-Jan-19
    A study of Sustainable Development & Affordable Housing in in upcoming Smart cities of India Vision India 2030; Strategizing Through Alignment Of Corporate Value Towards Sustainable Development ISSN- 249-6408 21-Jan-19
    A Study on Developing Talent Intelligence with Specific Reference to Employee Performance using HR Analytics in Select IT Companies in Pune City An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal ISSN-2277-5730 30-Jan-19
    5 Dr. Kadam Manik Sampat Kadam Manik Sampat,Murtaza M.Junaid Farooque An Analysis of Views of student, Teachers and Industry Employees On Use of Social Networking Sites (SNS) In Education Global Journal of Technology Issue 9 , Dec 2014. ISSN: 2147-5369 -
    Kadam Manik Sampat,Murtaza M.Junaid Farooque Harnessing the Power of social media Allana Management Journal of Research Vol-III Issue1 Jan-June 2013, (special edition ) ISSN 2231-0290 -
    Kadam Manik Sampat,Parate Neeta P Application of Software Technology in Management Institute in Pune Region International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering ISSN 2250-2459 -
    Kadam Manik Sampat,Kuche Neeta Parate Education Intelligence Enabled Decision Support System with Reference to Management Institutes under SP. Pune University 8. International Conference “Checkmate – 2015 ISSN-2231-0290 -
    Kadam Manik Sampat,ALQAATARY JAMILA M. A. INFO-TECH ADOPTION IN BANKS IN YEMEN: A CASE STUDY OF YBRD International Journal of Marketing, Financial Services & Management Research ISSN 2277- 3622 -
    6 Dr. Roshan Kazi Rahman, K. M., Kazi, R., & Sourav, S Analysis of hair care products with reference to shampoo market in India Abhinav National Monthly Refereed Journal of Research in Commerce & Management Volume1, Issue11 2012
    Bukhari, A. N., & Kazi, R CRM triggers effectiveness through Customer Selection Orientation, Business Cycle Orientation, Cross-Functional Integration and Dual Value Creation: Myth or Reality. Journal of Marketing Management - 2016
    Singh, A., Kazi, R., & Patankar, A Exploring the Relationship between Youth Leadership and Sustainability with Mediation Effects from an Indian Perspective using Path Way Analysis Indian Journal of Commerce and Management Studies - 2019
    Singh, A., Panackal, N., & Kazi, R Changing Business Environment and Young Ecopreneurs: Interpretative Structural Modeling. Researchers World - - 2018
    Kazi, R. and Prabhu, S Literature review of service failure, service recovery and their effects on consumers and service employees Telecom Business Review - 2016
    Kazi, R. and Mudkanna, M.R.S A Study Of Training Practices Followed By Automobile Companies In Pune City Allana Inst of Management Sciences, Pune - 2017
    Dalvi, M. V., Shankar, G., & Kazi, R Comparative Analysis of Equity and Debt Schemes of Top 10 Companies from the Point of View of AUM for the Period 2005–06 to 2011–12 Asian Journal of Research in Banking and Finance - 2014
    PRABHU, S., & KAZI, R Relationships Between Television Brand and Features on Consumer Decision Making Process. - - 2017
    Rahman, K. M., & Kazi, R New product concept development of shampoo with 5 Ps of marketing mix ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics & Management Researc - 2014
    RAHMAN, K. M., & KAZI, R REASONS AND EXPECTATIONS OF CUSTOMERS TOWARDS SHAMPOO BRANDS. CLEAR International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management - 2013
    Kazi, R., & Prabhu, S Management of service gaps by infusion of technology Telecom Business Review - 2015
    Pathak, G., & Kazi, R Mindful decoding of marketing communications: marketing semiotics ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics & Management Research - 2015
    Ganjoo, K., & Kazi, R Internal Branding in the Services Sector: A Conceptual Framework Global Business & Management Research - 2018
    S Chouthoy, R Kazi En route to a Theory-Building Consumer Brand Commitment through CSR Reputation Global Business and Management Research - 2016
    RJM Kazi Perceived Corporate Brand and its Consequences: A Literature Review for Model Development Journal of Marketing & Communication - 2009
    A Singh, R Kazi, R Divekar A conceptual model on fee perception and quality of management education using ISM and Fuzzy MICMAC analysis Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management - 2019
    R Kazi, A Singh, A Sharma The Relationship Between Perceived Ad Morality and Behavioral Intentions Exploring the Mediation Effect: Indian Women's Perspective Using Structural Equation Modeling, Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management - 2018
    S Prabhu, R Kazi Literature Review of Service Encounter Management, using Emotions Management Indian Journal of Science and Technology - 2016
    R Kazi An introduction to SEM techniques: For beginners Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management - 2011
    A Singh, R Kazi, R Divekar, A Patankar Comparing Deemed and State Universities on Perception of Educational Offerings Using Factorial MANOVA Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management - 2020
    A Singh, R Divekar, R Kazi A Study on Environmental Understanding, Attitude and Practices Gap in Indian Higher Education-An Overview and Theoretical Framework Nature Environment and Pollution Technology - 2019
    Roshan J M Kazi, RC Natarajan - PAKIZA, International Journal of Management Cases, University of Gloucestershire, Access press UK - 2010
    G Pathak, R Kazi Marketing Semiotics: Analysis Of Connotations And Brand Building, Journal of Sales and Marketing Management - 2015

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