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Allana Institute of Management Sciences

Constituent College of Dr.P.A.Inamdar University.
Formerly Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (1998-2022)
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi

Research & Development

Allana Institute of Management Sciences seeks to be a contextually-relevant business school with world-class academic standards that develops socially-conscious managers, leaders and entrepreneurs there by achieving Excellence in management education, research, and training by using contemporary participant-centric pedagogies and modern innovative teaching methods.

Broad Objectives:

1) To provide strategic guidance to the Research activities.

2) To guide the faculty and students to prepare research proposals/projects to be submitted to various funding agencies.

3) To endorse the research proposals taken up by the institute and supervise the progress of the research work.

4) To encourage faculty members and doctoral students to contribute to existing domain of knowledge by publishing research papers in National & International journals.

5) To advance the knowledge and practice of modern evidence-based management and to foster impactful research.

6) To promote multidisciplinary research that is relevant to the society & the nation.

7) To encourage & build collaborative research projects in partnerships with Government, industry & universities.

  • Research Cell

    The Research Cell is composed as follows:

    Director – Chairperson

    Coordinator – Member Secretary

    Two Faculty Members

    Industry/Academia representative

    Two students representatives

    The Research Cell may be expanded with the inclusion of more members as necessary. It may also set up and promote 'Action Groups' for managing specific projects/activities.

    Role & Functions

    The Research Cell of the Institute shall be responsible for implementing this research policy by working closely with the Institute management. Our Approach is to work hand in hand with the Alumni first to help each other Lifelong. The specific roles and functions of the research cell will be as follows:

    Facilitate the faculty in undertaking research and will work with the Institute management to set up a research fund for providing seed money.

    Provide research facilities in terms of laboratory equipment, research journals and research incentives etc. required by the faculty.

    Encourage and promote a research culture (eg. teaching work load remission, opportunities for attending conferences etc.).

    Encourage the faculty to undertake research by collaborating with other research organisations/ industry.

    Create suitable procedures for giving due recognition for guiding research.

    Facilitate the establishment of specific research units/ centres by funding agencies / university.

    Organise workshops/ training programmes/ sensitisation program are conducted by the institution to promote a research culture on campus.

    Make efforts to improve the availability of research infrastructure requirements to facilitate research.

    Develop and implement an official Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in research.

    Facilitate Interdepartmental / interdisciplinary research projects.

    Create incentives for the faculty who receive state, national and international recognition for research contributions as well as research awards and recognition from reputed professional bodies and agencies.

    Encourage and promote the publication of research articles by the faculty in reputed/ refered journals.

    Create and maintain a database of research work and research projects undertaken by the faculty and students as well as collect data by metrics such as Citation Index, Impact Factor, h-index, SNIP, SJR, etc.

    Prepare Rules & Guidelines for Grant of Research related leave and other remissions.

    Prepare Guidelines for design and evaluation of curriculum oriented research projects.

  • Action Plan for Strengthening the Research Outcomes

    This policy shall apply to all the researchers of the college and for the purpose of this policy 'researchers' are defined to include and Contribute Proactively.

    All staff, temporary and permanent, who are active in teaching, research, administration and provision of any form of support to the core functions of the college

    All students registered with the college

    All mentors, guides, external experts and sponsors associated with any of the research activities of the college

    All academic and administrative departments of the college

    This policy shall apply to all the research and related activities of the college and for the purpose of this policy research and related activities will inter alia include

    Research activities including basic, strategic and applied research undertaken either for fulfilling the requirements of academic degrees or for solving problems

    Scholarly activities intended to expand knowledge boundaries by analysis, synthesis and interpretation of ideas and information by making use of rigorous methodologies

    Knowledge compilation and communication initiatives for keeping abreast of academic developments in any knowledge domain such as writing of textbooks, chapters of textbooks, monographs; developing/updating curriculum, etc.

    Creative activities involving the generation of new ideas, innovations, hypotheses, images, performances or artefacts, including design in any field of knowledge which leads to the development of new knowledge, understanding or expertise

    Research projects of students undertaken as part of the curriculum or for enriching it

    Publication, presentation and communication of the research outcomes and related activities

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